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Using Apihelper in Beekeeping

The term Apihelper could be translated as "the beekeeper's assistant". And just like the name suggests – this device enables us to work more efficiently with less physical effort.

Apihelper – essential tool for modern beekeeping with less back problemsLet's take a look at some of its advantages:

  • Improves speed of regular tasks in beekeeping
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to lift and move heavy loads
  • Stable, also on rough terrain
  • Multi-functional (forklift upgrade)
  • Always with you in a car
  • Suitable for every type of bee hive


Improves speed of regular tasks in beekeeping

You all know the common problems when inspecting individual hive bodies of the hive. First, we must lift the upper hive bodies (usually full with honey) and then to place them down somewhere (frequently on the grounds, which is not really good for the bees) and then to lift them again back up to form and close the hive.

In case we are beekeeping with only a few bee hives, then we might tolerate it. But when you start working with 10, 20, 40 and more – then it takes a lot of time and effort to do the regular weekly tasks, not to tackle the jobs in the high season.

Apihelper is making these tasks a breeze with almost no effort. Beekeeper drives the Apihelper to the hive, simply mount the desired number of hive bodies and press the button (or turn the handle) with 10-times less effort – e.g. uses only 10 kg of force to lift 100 kg. The lift is self-supporting, so we lean it back and have our hands free to quickly do the inspections and work needed. When finished, we step behind the lift, press the button or turn the handle to lower the hive bodies back on its place. And off we go to the next hive.

No unnecessary heavy loads that are hurting your back. No more lifting up and down. Apihelper saves time and the bee colony gets disturbed for only short period of time (as quick inspection as possible is especially important in early spring and late autumn).

Simple to use

Apihelfer is self-standing with the beehive on the main steel frameWe made all the innovations so the Apihelper would be as simple to operate as possible. Handling is intuitive, yet the most emphasis is on safety of the device, which is very important aspect when it comes to moving the bee hives.

Here is how we operate Apihelper in 4 steps:

  1. Move Apihelper so it's parallel to the hive
  2. Push both side handles to touch the hive, then lower the handle on Apihelper so side handles firmly grip the hive
  3. Press the button or turn the handlebar to lift the hive (or selected part of the hive)
  4. Slightly lean back Apihelper so it's self-standing on the main steel frame (and leave it there with the hive on it) or drive the hive to another location

Easy to lift and move heavy loads

Your lower back will be eternally grateful when you decide for the beekeeper's assistant for lifting and moving the bee hives. A 1:10 ratio in favour of the beekeeper means that one must use 10-times less force to lift a certain weight (250 lbs feels like lifting 25 lbs).

It already helped many seniors to stay active as beekeepers – to proceed with this noble occupation, although their physical condition denies them possibility to lift and manage the hives. The device is also appropriate for women and younger beekeepers.

Stable, also on rough terrain

Pneumatic wheels can be set to a wider or a narrower position. Wider position of the wheels is great for bumpy terrain or when moving around a heavy burden – Apihelper gets additional stability. So if you bump into any obstacle when transporting, you don’t loose control over the machine and you avoid the fall of the hive.

The narrower position (wheels towards the inside) can be useful when we need to manipulate along the narrow or windy path. This option is mainly used on flat terrain.

Multi-functional (forklift upgrade)

Every Apihelper can be upgraded to a useful forklift by adding two steel bars (included in every model). This is how we get a universal transport device. You can use it to lift and move different objects like barrels, bags, palettes or anything you want to grab and move really.

Always with you in a car

If you are like most of the beekeepers, you have bee hives on a remote location, especially during the harvesting season. When you drive there with your car, your Apihelper can be always with you as it fits in the trunk easily. This way your beekeeping assistant is always there when you need him.

Suitable for every type of bee hive

The width of the side handles, that grip the hive, is adaptable. So the machine can be used with all the standard bee hive designs.

  • LR (Langstroth)
  • DB (Dadant Blatt)
  • UK national hive
  • RV in EV (Rodna Voja, Eko Voja)
  • Warré hive
  • Alpine hive
  • ...


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